Morettino's premium blends are made through a careful selection of the most representative sources in the world of quality coffee, scientific monitoring at all stages of our handicraft production process and a complex sensory analysis to ensure excellent quality standards for every different experience of tasting.

Discover the Morettino Premium Mixes




Exclusive blend of precious Arabica where the elegant floral honey notes and white flowers typical of the origins of Central America, meet the enveloping aromas of caramel and toasted hazelnuts in Brazil Santos, enriched with the spicy tones of Ethiopia Sidamo.

Character: Elegant

Toasting: Medium-dark

Espresso tasting: Golden and silky cream. Soft and harmonious body. Cocoa notes and exotic fruit taste, with a pleasant acidity. Clean and intriguing.

Mixed award with the Gold Medal at International Coffee Tasting




A blend that has the most prestigious equatorial origins, featuring sweet caramel notes of the Colombian coffees combined with the cinnamon hints from Nicaragua Matagalpa, and an accent of dark chocolate from the South-East-Asian coffees.

Character: Harmonious

Roasting: Mild-dark

Espresso Tasting: Rich-golden Cream. Balanced and structured body. Delicate notes of vanilla with a pleasant bitter-sweet aftertaste.




A blend with a strong character in which there is an intense fruity aroma from Colombia Supremo with hints of Brazilian hazelnut and notes of cocoa and toasted almonds from the Indonesian coffees.

Character: Intense

Roasting: Dark

Espresso Tasting: Dense hazelnut-colored cream. Accents of dark chocolate with a rich and persistent aftertaste.




A blend with a bold character, with notes of dark chocolate from the selected quality Robusta from South-East-Asia mixed with hints of toasted bread from the Indian coffees and a delicate floral accent form the Central American Arabica.

Espresso Notes: Dense and dark cream. Intense and syrupy body. Persistent taste with a long chocolaty aftertaste.

Character: Bold

Roasting: Dark




A blend of selected Arabica from a wide floral bouquet with the typical South American origins, featuring precious hints of jasmine from Honduras combined with the delicate notes of walnuts and marron glacè, with an intense chocolate accent from the coffees produced in Asian regions.

Character: Refined

Roasting: Mild-dark

Espresso Tasting: Golden-velvety cream. Full-bodied, with a sweet taste and an elegant acidity. Pleasant and lasting aftertaste.

Awarded blend with the Medaglia d’Oro at the International Coffee Tasting.




A blend with a vigorous character from selected superior quality Robusta from the Asian regions and precious Arabica from Central America, in which the caramel and dry fruit notes from the Indian coffees are mixed with hints of toasted bread and chocolate from the Indonesian coffees.

Espresso Tasting: Thick and dark cream. Strong and structured body. Full flavor with a dark chocolate aftertaste.

Character: Vigorous

Roasting: Dark